Boscoree Theme



Objectives of the 13th BoscoreeHealth, Harmony, Holiness

1. To help adopt a healthy lifestyle (Health)
2. To offer opportunities to share and relate with others in harmony (Harmony).
3. To nurture in them a sense of the Divine to become true believers (Holiness).
4. To help keep the Scout and Guide movement alive by being close to nature and good citizens (Scouting).
5. To imbibe the spirit of Don Bosco and keep busy and cheerful (Salesian Spirit).


The 13th Boscoree Logo Description

★ To the left of the Logo in blue we have the outline of the Western region of our Mumbai Province!
★ The DOVE represents HARMONY and the wings celebrates the span of Salesian India across states and the Salesian Family!
★ The entire WHITE background represents HOLINESS
★ The Green Branch represents our HEALTHY LIFESTLE.
★ The Triple words Holiness-Harmony-Health signify the great commandment of Love: of God, others and Self! The colours represent the National Colours.
★ The words ‘13th Boscoree’ signifies the edition of this National gathering of Salesian Scouts and Guides.
★ ‘Nashik 2018-19’ represents the Venue and the scheduled year.
★ The Bharat Scouts and Guides logo and the Tent in Nashik represents the commitment of the scouts to be ready to humanize the great commandment of Love!
★ Don Bosco and Baden Powell: represents the two great icons for young people today.
★ The whole logo is bound by the scout rope and the reef knot to symbolise our unity with the worldwide scout movement.


Prayer For the 13th Boscoree

O God of the Universe, and Lord of all life,
we come before you to seek your grace and strength
as we prepare ourselves for the 13th Boscoree
in the true spirit of Lord Baden Powell,
and the charismatic predilection of our founders
Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello for the young.

Help us to be prepared
as we journey anew on our path
to live healthy lives,
be ambassadors of harmony among all people and with nature,
and be friends of the Divine in our quest for holiness of life.

Pour out your blessings and spirit
on the organizers and participants of this 13th Boscoree.
We ask this of the Creator and lover of all beings
in whom we truly believe in,

Fr Ian Doulton Camp Chief's Message

My dear Friends brother scouts and guides:

It is indeed awesome for us in Nashik. We have been given the opportunity to host the 2018-2019 National Boscoree. It might seem a huge task - and it is huge…but as our Founder Lord Baden-Powell always said: “we are here to leave the world better than we found it.” This is going to be our opportunity to make a difference and I am certain we are up to the task. Our team of coordinators – headed so ably and efficiently by Fr Savio Silveira – himself a scouter of eminent standing – is going to plan and put into motion this great enterprise and all of us are going to have to do our bit. This is an opportunity for us – as they say – to put our best foot forward.

Nashik is a beautiful city and from the Bombay Presidency Gazette of 1859 we have it on good authority that the city has a lot to offer its visitors by way of natural beauty, places of worship and its youth culture. We are therefore called upon to be the ambassadors of this great city that is moving swiftly into the National limelight.

Our slogan for the Boscoree this year is Health – Harmony – and Holiness. This theme takes into its wake all that we scouts hold dear and what we have promised when we entered this illustrious movement. In his last message to the World Movement of Scouts BP said: “One step towards happiness is to make yourself healthy and strong while you are boy, so that you can be useful and so can enjoy life when you are men.” Isn’t that wonderful… Already now you are being given a secret to learn to live healthy lives…there are so many ways to live healthy lives and there are so many things that compete for your attention to rob you of your health …sadly you will not realize it just now…but it will catch up with you…unhealthy food habits, unhealthy sleeping habits, and even unhealthy breathing habits…all this will add up to rob you of your health… None of us wants to be leaning on others and depending on them for health and happiness. A scout is someone everyone else in society looks up to. S/he is alert and cheerful, optimistic and ready to lend a hand whenever the need arises. But this won’t be possible if we aren’t healthy enough. It was Socrates who said: “It's a healthy mind that resides in a healthy body.” That’s what living a healthy life means…and – by the way - it's not just for ourselves, we’ve got to help others do the same…and our lives will be the best promotion of the Scout Movement’s commitment to healthy living.

The second H – is Harmony. This is the need of the hour and our city of Nashik has so much to offer in this regard. The city is greener than most other cities… I’ve noticed joggers’ parks all over the city, tree-lined avenues…and lush green outcrops all around and people are so health conscious that they are found working out at the crack of dawn…nature offering them its flora and fauna to breathe in health and wholeness. In that same message (I mentioned above) BP said: “Nature Study will show you how full of beautiful and wonderful things God has made in the world for you to enjoy. Be contented with what you have got and make the best of it. Look on the bright side of things instead of the gloomy one.” We are supposed to take care of this small part of our planet – Nashik city. We are going to roll up our sleeves and strive to keep it clean – recycling our garbage, reusing our scrap and conserving the energy that is so often wasted. Doesn’t our scout law state that a Scout is thrifty? In a culture that is throwing away wrappers, plastics, and used electronic devices…we are going to make sure that this changes from now on. We are going to be alert and aware of our responsibility. This means living in harmony with Nature…keeping and improving this wonderful city of ours.

Finally the last H. Holiness… Especially here…unlike any other city in Maharashtra… Nashik is a holy city. The sacred rivers that flow through it wash its banks and its people with it’s purifying waters and we Scouts who are god-fearing citizens of this holy city are called to remember that we are images of God…the God who brings us into being, sustains and inspires all of our endeavours. That’s what a scout is expected to do – become aware of this God-element in our lives. Once more I am reminded of what BP said at the beginning of his last message to the world brotherhood of scouts: “I believe God put us in this jolly world to be happy and enjoy life. Happiness doesn’t come from being rich, or merely from being successful in your career, nor by self-indulgence.” I think we are called to bring health and harmony to play in being holy… What sort of holy person is there who neglects his health and indulges in habits that will threaten his/her wellbeing? BP tells us that we are put here to be happy and if we don’t live healthy lives and in harmony with one another, with nature and with God we aren’t going to be happy.

It’s time to begin… To put ourselves on the starting blocks ready for the task ahead. We are privileged, and we need to shoulder this responsibility… but we are not alone… The entire region of Don Bosco Scouts of the Western Region is going to work together… To bring to the Don Bosco Scouts of India the glory, grandeur and the greatness of this awesome city Nashik…so once more and here are BP’s last words (written just a few days before he died): “What you have done you have done well. Stick it out! Play up to the Scout Slogan (Be Prepared) Sleeves up, and with tails up…go to win the war!

I wish you all the best and may God bless us all!

Fr Ian Doulton
Camp Chief


Patrons Fr Godfrey D'Souza SDB Provincial
Sr Rita Dora FMA Provincial
Camp Chief Fr Ian Doulton
Coordinator Fr Savio Silveira
Venue & Accommodation    Fr Anthony Fonseca
Programme Fr Glenford Lowe
Catering Fr Gregory D’Almeida
Media & Publicity Fr Leon Cruz
Transport & Sight-Seeing    Fr Rolvin D’Mello
Finance Fr Manuel Murzello
FMA Delegates Sr Rita Lobo
Sr Nilima Rodrigues

How to reach Nashik ?

🚆   If you are coming by train get down at Nashik Road railway station & can catch an auto or cab to Divyadaan, College Rd
✈   If you are coming by Air you have to come to Mumbai or Pune and then take a train or cab to Nashik


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